About Silver Valley Experts

Silver Valley Expert happens to be one of the pioneering, creative and most importantly client-friendly digital service providers in the market. Quite unlike our other contemporaries in this field, we work towards the satisfaction of our clients and delivering highest quality standards. We take pride in our strong portfolio of highly gratified clientele, thus continually driving innovation across industry verticals.

Over the years, we found that many businesses struggle to collect emails simply because the tools aren’t easy to use and are far too expensive. So we started with a simple goal: build powerful enterprise-level technology to help businesses grow their customer base and revenue.


We are humbly considered thought leaders by many in our space because of our rapid growth and innovations. Whatever the market conditions or current trends, you will always find Silver Valley Experts leading the way to help our customers gain competitive business advantage and stay ahead of the curve.

Who we are

Silver Valley Experts began life as a pioneer of antivirus protection, creating award-winning threat detection software.


Now, Silver Valley Experts’s goal is to make sure that everybody can enjoy the breathtaking opportunities that technology offers.


Today, our security solutions allow businesses and consumers in more than 200 countries and territories to make the most of the digital world.

Our Core Values

In work or play, private or public, these are the values that guide us.

We put people first, always.


We treat our team like family and our customers as our #1 priority.


We do the right thing every time.


Not just when it is convenient – we work with integrity in everything we do.


We fight for our customer’s success.


We go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you have the best experience with us.


We commit to excellence by paying attention to details.


We sweat the little things to make your time with Silver Valley Experts both rewarding and enjoyable.


We labor for simplicity.


We make complicated things simple by working smarter, not harder.


Software is eating the world.


Silver Valley Experts is passionate about protecting businesses and consumers from cyber threats. We combat today’s most complex cybersecurity challenges and are constantly anticipating how to extend the value of our threat identification, prediction, and remediation to the connected world.


Everything is being automated, which is both a tremendous threat and opportunity for companies. There are tens of thousands of applications on the market. How do you choose the right one?